Our designers oversee all aspects of the installation phase of each of our projects so that we can achieve the results that our client and we expect. Materials, including plants and stone, are often hand selected to achieve just the right touch for each project. Our crews are highly skilled, they are professional in their attire, and they are trained to treat your property with respect. The quality of their work is essential to us. Attention to detail is everything.


Some clients choose to have us help them a few times each year while others prefer to have our help on a regular/monthly basis. We provide a routine landscape care program with a schedule that varies depending upon the needs of each client. This a highly customized service intended for those clients that appreciate having their landscape look its best all of the time. This service allows us to provide our clients with “peace of mind” knowing that their landscape is being well cared for and overseen/inspected by degreed horticulturist. This work may be done hourly or via a set fee with regularly scheduled visits, excluding lawn care. Spring cleanup’s, re-mulching, fertilizing and pre-emergent herbicide applications are all included as part of our landscape management services.


We design, install, and maintain landscape lighting systems. We routinely install new landscape lighting upon the completion of our new construction or remodel landscape projects. Our lighting systems are carefully planned and well thought out to provide the following: improved beauty to your home at night, great atmosphere for your nighttime entertaining, additional security, and/or upgraded functionality or safety for your outdoor living space. As is right with all of our work, we only use the best available materials for our lighting projects, typically brass fixtures and LED bulbs, and we do not skimp on the quality of our transformers, wiring, and connections. We want your system to be as trouble-free as possible for many years to come.


Our seasonal color displays are exceptional. We custom design all of our displays by mapping out our ideas on paper first and then by adjusting and tweaking our designs and arrangements on-site. We specialize in container color displays. We custom order plants as needed to meet each client’s desires. In the spring we install a lot of tropical and colorful annuals both in-ground and within large planters. In early fall we enhance those summer displays with mums, pansies, etc. and we often create some impressive pumpkin displays. Later in fall and early winter, we convert our summer planters into winter interest displays by planting live evergreens and other live plants that provide excellent winter color throughout the entire winter season. We also install flower bulbs for spring color including daffodils, hyacinths, and tulips.


We are often employed to act as a general contractor for all phases of landscaping. This allows our clients to have one contact and one company that is ultimately responsible for everything. We may design and oversee such work including grading, masonry work (stone and brick), sprinkler systems, plumbing, electrical, concrete installation (sidewalks, patios, driveways), swimming pool construction, fencing, etc.


We are often recruited to perform various degrees of tree pruning work. Some of this work is performed to maintain tree health and shape. Some of this work is necessary simply to remove trees when desired or following storm damage. We are very skilled at removing and pruning trees, and better yet, we are very experienced at leaving your property and home without any damage while doing so. We are fully insured with both liability and workman’s compensation insurance.


We provide clients with detailed designs for their projects. This may involve providing multiple design options depending upon the project at hand. Our clients' needs and their wishes are given high priority. We are always trying to achieve a practical, functional design that combines our knowledge, experience, and our artful creativity. Plans may be purchased separately, but are typically included as part of a design-build project.