NURSERY (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

We are very proud of our work farm/nursery, otherwise known as "The Ranchito". Our seven acre farm is located in Bucyrus, Kansas. While it does not contain our office, it does provide storage for all our equipment, trucks, trailers, hard goods, and plant materials. It also actas as our employee's home base.

We acquired The Ranchito in 2003 after many years of working out of a storage facility. Shortly after its purchase, we renovated the old dairy barn and covernted it into our new work shop. We also installed automated sprinklers and created a designated holding area to maintain plant materials for up coming projects. Finally, we created a rather large composting area for all of our organic debris. We now use the very same compost for new projects.

In 2004 we began planting trees and shrubs for future harvest. As of 2011, we are harvesting nearly 80-100 trees per year along with numerous shrubs from this location. All of these trees and shrubs are used on our customized installation projects.

The Ranchito is a very busy place in the spring and fall. Semi-trucks offload mulch, plants and stone and, in turn, our crews deliver them to the job sites.