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Natural Creations designs, installs and maintains professional, low-voltage landscape lighting. Our lighting designs aesthetically enhance your yard and improve your out-door living experience. A well designed & skillfully implemented lighting system also provides increased security to your property.

You will find that we have the experience and the expertise to artfully select and position lights to create a visually stunning night time display.
We believe that the source of effective landscape lighting should be, in most cases, unseen or concealed during the daytime hours. Some decorative fixtures may be chosen to provide pathway lighting, although most of our fixtures are simple in design and are often hidden among plantings or in the trees. We can install landscape lighting for any residence, subdivision or office. We can incorporate landscape lighting into a landscape design proposal or we can provide a proposal for an existing landscape.

Although design is crucial, quality in products is also very important to us. We source our landscape lighting products from two of the best low-voltage lighting manufacturers in the United States: Nightscaping and Kichler. Please note that our resource page has a link to the web-site of each of these companies. We provide a one year warranty on all lighting products and our labor.

If you answer "yes" to any of the following questions, you may want to contact us to set up a consultation to discuss your lighting needs:

• Is it uncomfortable for you to walk around your property at night, do you worry about what critters or persons may be hiding or hanging out around your house?
• Do you stumble or fall on steps that are not well lit at night?
• Do you appreciate the architectural beauty and/or curb-appeal of your home and often wish that it could be seen or accented at night?
• Do you look out your windows at night into total darkness?
• Do you entertain outdoors after dark, or eat outdoors after dark? Do you currently entertain or eat outdoors under the light of a floodlight? Do you light candles outdoors because you like the ambiance of soft light?
• Do you have landscape plantings or existing trees that would be attractive to light at night?
• Do you have pets that need to go outdoors after dark?
• Do you have a piece of garden art (bird feeder, armillary, statue, etc.) or water feature that you would like to be able to see after dark?
• Do you have a gazebo, arbor or deck that would look attractive and be more useful at night with lighting?

On this page you will find pictures of some of the basic lighting fixtures that we use. You will also find pictures of some of our lighting projects.

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Kichler Brass Mini-Accent

Nightscaping Copper Illuminator (at night)

Nightscaping Copper Footliter