INSTALLATION (Click on Photos to Enlarge)

Attention to detail is the secret to the successful installation of our landscape projects.

Following the signing of a Landscape Agreement, a landscape project is scheduled for installation. It is at this time that we begin to organize all the materials required for the completion of that project. We regard this process as being very important. Many plants are selected locally, especially trees, while many of our shrubs are selected locally or shipped in from various nurseries throughout the United States. Whenever possible, plants are hand selected to meet our expectations. Other materials, such as boulders and landscape lighting fixtures, are also ordered and selected to meet the specific needs of each individual project. This process typically requires a period of two or three weeks to complete, prior to beginning on-site work.

A typical landscape project is installed in the following order:

1) Completion of all hardscape installation including
    driveways,decks, patios, etc.

2) Grading, topsoil installation, landscape bed

3) Sprinkler system installation, underground drain
    tile installation, large tree installation

4) Installation of shrubs and perennials

5) Mulching of planting beds and application
    of pre-emergent herbicide as needed

6) Sodding of turf areas

Our landscape crews arrive at the job site in well signed, company trucks, and they are dressed in company shirts so they are easily identified. We realize that security and privacy is very important to our clients. Our crews and landscape staff are very respectful, courteous and professional. Our crews are all well trained and well experienced. On the average, each of our landscape assistants has been with our company for a period of 3 or more years. Each crew has a leader and they are in constant communication with our management staff and designers via two-way radios and cell phones. The designer spends a great deal of time on site during construction to ensure that the project meets our clients’ expectations. We work off well contrived plans; nevertheless, changes in the field are often required in order to maximize the visual impact or function of our designs.

Most plant materials have a one-year warranty following the completion of each project: All trees and shrubs, and their respective labor, have a one-year warranty following their installation. The warranty period starts as of the date in which the final invoice is processed. Groundcovers, perennials, annuals and other seasonal color, Flowering Dogwoods, Canadian Hemlocks, Azaleas and Rhododendrons are not included in the warranty.

River rock installation
                                                             Sod installation


Jerry surveying his plant options for
an upcoming project

Troy selects a perfect Eastern White
Pine for a client

Fire pit in progress

Trees are being loaded for an out of
town project

Drain tile installation for downspout

Transporting 12' Colorado Blue Spruce