DESIGN SERVICES (Click on Photos to Enlarge)


Natural Creations specializes in the art of creative, artistic, and naturalistic landscape design. This involves the designing of new or renovated landscapes for both residential and commercial projects. Natural Creations is also often requested to design decks, swimming pools, sidewalks, patios, and low-voltage landscape lighting. We work very closely with clients to develop a landscape theme on each project. This theme is usually based upon a client's taste and/or the architecture of the building or home to be landscaped. Designs are always functional, low in maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. As clients have varying tastes, we make diligent efforts to combine those tastes with our professional ideas.

Natural Creations acts primarily as a design/build contractor. In other words, we design projects, select all the materials needed to complete the project, and install the project to meet the expectations of the client. Designing creative and well contrived landscapes requires education, experience, research, skill, and time. Site analysis, sketching, rendering and/or computer aided design of final plans can be very time consuming. Designing and installing our own projects allows us total control over the final product.This includes spending a great deal of time hand-selecting the finest quality plant material available. Unlike some of our competitors, Natural Creations is not simply in the market to sell plants, instead we sell ideas combined with quality labor and quality materials.

Upon request, Natural Creations makes one appointment to meet with a client interested in our design and installation services. This is a no-charge consultation. At this time, we visit with the client to determine their needs and to discuss how we might be of service. Following the initial interview, a landscape plan and/or proposal will be prepared to meet the guidelines discussed with the client.

Following completion of the initial design (plan), a second meeting will be scheduled. The design and its details, including a proposal of required costs, will be described at this meeting. If the client is pleased with the proposed design and ideas, they may elect to pay for the design work or to accept our installation proposal. All design work is billed at an hourly fee. No design work will be given to a prospective client until a contract is signed or until the client pays for the design. Upon acceptance of the proposal to implement the design, the client will be asked to sign a contract which outlines the work to be completed and the agreed cost.